Overview of EctoΒΆ

ecto is a scriptable processing framework with a lightweight plugin architecture, graph constructs and scheduling algorithms suitable for computer vision, perception, audio processing and robotics pipelines. The key components of Ecto are Cells, plasm, tendril, and schedulers. With these tools, you, the programmer, researcher or hacker may construct well partitioned reusable processing graphs that exhibit qualities such as ordered synchronous execution, efficient scheduling routines, type safety, and self documentation.

To develop ecto based applications, one should be moderately comfortable with C++ and Python. C++ is preferred when writing Cells, the basic unit of work in Ecto. Python becomes the glue that is used to compose higher level processing graphs, or Plasms from these cells. As such, most of the examples that will follow will involve both C++ and Python snippets.

First, check if you like ecto:

The following is a pretty thorough explanation of the main concepts behind ecto but you can get to coding right away if you want: