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 CcellEcto::cell is the non virtual interface to the basic building block of ecto graphs. This interface should never be the parent of client cell, but may be used for polymorphic access to client cells
 Ccell_Cell_<T> is for registering an arbitrary class with the the cell NVI. This adds a barrier between client code and the cell
 Chas_fHelper class for determining if client modules have function implementations or not
 CplasmThe plasm helps construct the graph structure in ecto. It enforces several invariants that are necessary for scheduling DAGs and is used by all the ecto::schedulers to enable execution of modules that are connected in the graph
 CsporeThe spore is a typed handle for tendrils, making holding onto tendrils a bit easier
 CtendrilA tendril is the slender, winding organ of the ecto::cell that gives it its awesome type erasure and uber flexibility
 CConverterImpl< none, _ >
 CnoneA none type for tendril when the tendril is uninitialized
 CtendrilsThe tendrils are a collection for the ecto::tendril class, addressable by a string key