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writing opencv cells

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ecto_opencv conventions

tendrils for opencv based cells should follow the following rules.


In general, the name of opencv tendrils is determined by what they are as datatypes and not what they do.

  • image for any image, unless it must be further disambiguated, e.g. in the case of image, and depth, and may be of common image type.
  • mask for an image based binary mask, and be of type CV_8UC1. Generally this should be an optional input.
  • points for any collection of 2d or 3d points, and the should be an NxM multichannel matrix where the number of dimensions is apparent in number of channels.
  • R is a 3 by 3 rotation matrix
  • T is a 3 by 1 translation vector
  • K is a 3 by 3 camera intrinsic matrix